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The only way to sell that at record speed is by becoming a Power Closer while using live phone webinars and masterslides. Let us show you how that for free.
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What Is A Power Closer?
A Power Closer is someone who has learned the art of closing using phone webinars and masterslides combined. They're usually the best closer in the company (or for their own company) and can close down huge deals from people they just met. This gives them the ability to sell bigger packages, attract the best clients, give better services (due to more margins), and fight the average churn rates. All because they had the tools, the training, and the community known as the Power Closers. Because of these methods I have been able to grow an agency and grow a solid team (see below). That's just the beginning though... 
When you can create a closer team that beats all webinars, ad campaigns, and funnel systems that's when things get really sweet. With Facebook, Google, Youtube and other ad campaigns (with prices rising everyday) you have to pay them if you get results or not. With our system everyone runs on commission and gladly does it because we find people with specific gifts to run each section of our system (so it's no hassle for them). We show you how to build the system, find people to take over each part of the system and then duplicate that system many times over.
Step One
Find A Profitable Niche That Will Pay High Ticket Prices & Will Retain For A Long Time
Step Two
Build Masterslides That Converts Calls At Higher Rates Using Secret Tools That Are Free
Step Three
Get 8-10 Appointments A Day And Lower Cost Per Acquisition With Your New Team
Step Four
Duplicate This Whole System & Create Another Team For Another Niche
Step One
Turn Up The Ads & Traffic To Your Front End
Step Two
Build A Back End Product At 10X The Price Than Normal
Step Three
Build Masterslides That Sells That Offer
Step Four
Rinse & Repeat Every Week Or Day To Get Results
Become A Power Closer For Free:
No obligations, no contracts, cancel anytime, 100% risk free.
Get The Systems That Make Closing Strangers Possible
Learn How To Use Live Phone Webinars To Closer Bigger Deals
Get Closing Job Opportunities
Join Hundreds of Power Closers
Not Sure How Becoming A Power Closer Could Help Your Company?
If you're trying to build a successful webinar, or a funnel, sales page, or a successful advertising campaign... this is where it all begins. Instead of paying ten of thousands for marketers, webinar creators, ad managers, or funnels you need to become a Power Closer. Why?

Inside of the Power Closers community we have training that shows you how to build a sales system inside of our 30 day action plan. We have the tools that helps you bring it all together along with the community to help push you forward in the right direction.

Other courses want to tell you. With the Power Closers we show you and do it together. Inside of our marketing "labs" we test our theories, and when proven to work consistently, we bring it to our Power Closers to try and use even further. 
Who Does This Work For?
Course Creators
High Ticket Offers
Home Advisor Businesses
Content Creators
Are You Looking To Do Any Of The Below?
Scale without having to hand out business cards everywhere?
Close deals every single week at high ticket prices?
Not lean so much on Facebook ads and traffic?
Become more stable with other channels that convert?
Increase your prices so you can increase the quality of service and product?
Lower cost per acquisition?
Have more stability in your business and not worry if a big-tech company shuts down your ads because now you have backup?
Learn more about your niche than anyone in your industry?
We Can Help With That When You Become A Power Closer!
Become A Power Closer For Free:
No obligations, no contracts, cancel anytime, 100% risk free.
Get The Systems That Make Closing Strangers Possible
Learn How To Use Live Phone Webinars To Closer Bigger Deals
Join Hundreds of Power Closers
Get Closing Job Opportunities
Why This Beats Courses Or Other Programs:
What most would charge $2,000-$3,000 for we're letting you get access for free. Combined with the training we're bringing you the tools and the community it takes to win and power close your potential customers. Most sell you a course and toss you a free group and that's it. Their time is "worth" so much money that they're not there for you when it's time for questions. That's not unless you want to drop thousands for their "inner circles". With the Power Closers that ends here. We'll help guide you on building your sales message combined with a phone webinar and masterslides to help you win everyday.
What All Is Including When You Become A Power Closer Today?
We'll Help You Identify A Profitable Niche
We'll Show You To Create A Sales Message That Converts Strangers Into Paying Clients Without Having To Use Expensive Ads At First
We'll Show You How To Build Masterslides That Convert Clients At Record Speeds
You'll Become An Official Power Closer
You'll Be Included In Our Power Closer Community
How To Combine Trello & Zapier To Help You 10X Production
How To Impress Potential Clients Under 30 Seconds With One Slide
Get Our 30-Day Action To Help You Become An Official Power Closer
How To Tell Stories That Sells Your Product/Service Without Losing Potential Client
How To Make Offers That Drive Clients Crazy
How To Make Clients Gladly Sign Contracts
And So Much More...
Become A Power Closer For Free:
No obligations, no contracts, cancel anytime, 100% risk free.
Join Hundreds of Power Closers
Get The Systems That Make Closing Strangers Possible
Learn How To Use Live Phone Webinars To Closer Bigger Deals
Get Closing Job Opportunities
Instead of paying copywriters tens of thousands...
Get this free trial to learn how to build a sales message/system that actually converts faster than anything out there. Why? People don't buy because of who you are, they buy because they know you know who they are. When you know their pain points, their mindset, their goals, their enemies, their current hurdles... they believe you when you say you have the solution. In 30 days you can discover the messaging it takes to persuade them you are their fearless leader. Before building a funnel, ad campaign, or a sales page you need to go through this process.
Instead of paying ad managers thousands per month to test your funnels with traffic...
Business owners have an amazing product they want to test with traffic to see how well it converts. So they have funnel builders create their funnels (paying a ton of money) and then on top of it they have ad managers send traffic to see how well the funnel converts. Usually they'll spend between $8,000-$12,000 before making a decision to turn off the campaign. And then they do that a few times before finding a winning campaign and funnel. You can skip this process by using our Masterslide process and we'll help create a sales message you know converts before hiring everything out.
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Dear Power Closer,

Here's how everything got started for this movement.

It was 2014 and fall was coming...
Had a little girl on the way and no real way to provide for her.

Lived in a mobile home with my wife and we were on a single income.

My job was 45 minutes away and wasn't liking it either. 

Everyday I wondered when I was getting hit by the next Mac truck or mugged because of the type of job (I was in and out of houses due to being an home adviser type job).

We serviced people's houses and that meant I dealt with crazy dogs, dirty houses, nasty crawl spaces, guns on tables at times, and was even at a house when a drug bust went down!

Not fun.

At the same time I struggled. I knew I was destined for more.

I knew I had the ability to sell but I knew people were getting harder and harder to sell.

They're seeing thousands of ads a day and getting pitched a ton on every device and channel.

I felt like I was born 20 years too late. 

Saturation was too much and I would forever be what people called... the bug man.

That one day would change.

I would begin a small SEO company on the side and I started to get clients. 

With my selling abilities things to started to turn around and soon my little girl would be born!

Months later after she was born I was making more than my salary! 

I was getting ready to quit and was ready to enjoy the life with my family. Soon we could build a house, have a green lawn, and enjoy the good life!

Suddenly things would go from good to horrible.

Google announces they would make changes to their algorithms and would shake things up, and it did.

Our rankings would drop. People were getting mad. Suddenly I became this "scammer" because rankings were dropping and people started rumors about me.

My business started to fall apart and my dreams were falling apart and the pain set in. 

I remember holding my little girl telling her it would be okay (she not even being old enough to know something was wrong).

Months later after the crash I realized it wasn't meant for me to do this online business stuff. That was until something changed it all.

A webinar pops up in my feed. Talking about the ancient secrets to scaling and how Henry Ford grew his business many years ago.

I clicked and sat down to hear more. When it was over I realized I had discovered my next chapter.

The presenter talked about cost per acquisition and how we need to pay for customers using ads with a message that would convert the traffic on scale. All while paying for itself. The old saying would come to life for me...

"It takes money to make money."

Those words would change it all. After applying everything I learned from the webinar, I would hire coaches, run ads, hire employees and soon things begin to build back up. 

I would be featured in the top marketing blogs on the planet and bring results to many.

This time my business didn't crash, I did quit my job, and now I have three kids.

How did that happen?

I learned to close strangers into signing contracts without spending a ton of money on ads using live phone webinars and selling high ticket offers.

Ads are going up in price and the only way to combat that is by coming a Powercloser. We teach how to convert traffic using live phone webinars and masterslides.

It has been a game changer and I know you'll love it. Get started today!

Luke Guy Martin
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